Friday, January 16, 2009

NATA Sports Medicine Guide

As a sports reporter, you're always writing about injuries and sports medicine. But how do you explain complex medical procedures and describe an injury to a specific muscle, joint, organ, etc.? You don't need a degree in medicine.

One suggestion is to interview sports doctors and trainers skilled in the specific subject (knees, concussions, etc.) Another helpful resource is a free media guide from the National Athletic Trainers Association. Reporters jokingly call it the "know your knees" booklet.

A .PDF of the booklet is available on the NATA Web site. You'll have to scroll down to page 12 for the alphabetical list of medical terms. It'll help you understand the differences between ACLs, MCLs and PCLs.

And it will help you better explain it to your readers and viewers.

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