Friday, February 27, 2009

Rocky Mountain News Obituary

The Rocky Mountain News closed its doors Friday, after nearly 150 years of publishing. Scripps was unable to sell the tabloid paper in Denver in a one-month deadline the corporation had set.

Online producers built this 20-minute video about the closing of the paper. It tells the story of what a newspaper means in a community, and to the people who produce it.

It asks a tough question: Can newspaper business models survive in the current economy? And why can't they at least function in some capacity, such as a smaller staff producing an online product? That's a model the Seattle Post-Intelligencer is considering, rather than closing its doors. Note: ABC News has an excellent online and video package on the current state of the newspaper industry.

The News' closing leaves the Post as Denver's only daily newspaper, with the Camera nearby in Boulder.

Juxtapose this story with an earlier blog post about how the San Francisco Examiner viewed Web publishing way back in 1981, when print still ruled the media industry. A lot has changed.

Final Edition from Matthew Roberts on Vimeo.

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